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You will:

  • Discover the Key Ingredient to helping kids overcome struggles with weight (you've never heard this one covered in the medical office!) 

  • Make peace with food, your kids and your own dieting history & weight

  • Become the role model for life-long healthy habits for the whole family

  • Learn how to shift the focus from the scale to creating & achieving goals that are meaningful for you & your family.

  • Discover how health doesn't have to be HARD: we can make it SIMPLE 

  • Understand what's keeping you & your family from your goals - and learn how to shift the motivation

  • Never be alone. Groups mean that we share our triumphs, our challenges, and our growth.

  • Discover what you can do at home to start making progress TODAY

  • Oh, have fun. Seriously. Join the fun. My goodness, let's stop making "healthy habits" something.... snooze... BORING! It's not!

Real Parents, Real Stories:

For so long now I have felt like I had to control and fix everything and if it wasn't working I must be failing... what a heavy feeling. I entered this course to help essentially one child who struggles with weight but I've learned the weight struggle was mine. Her weight doesn't hold her back.... it was me. I was thinking by fixing this I could protect her from being made fun of or help her to look a certain way.... these were never her insecurities.... they were mine. I have so much further to go but it doesn't seem so overwhelming and hard now. - Lindsey, Mom of 3
My kids are so different. My son is underweight and I feel so guilty that I fed my daughter every time she cried as a baby, and now she's overweight. They used to whine that they were hungry while I was cooking and it was such chaos. Now, one thing that I have been doing is before I start cooking dinner I will put out some fruit and vegetables on the table. The kids are welcomed to eat what they want from those options while I am cooking dinner.  And I announce when dinner will be ready. This buys me some peace while I am cooking and I feel like I am winning. - Ashley, Mom of 2