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 Real Help for Parents Worried About Their Kids' Weight



Bring calm, confidence,

and a plan to 

build lifelong healthy habits

for the whole family


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How do you help your child with reach a healthy weight, when you have your own struggles with weight?


And how do you do it if you have never had the struggle?


You are not supposed to know how to do this.


Imagine when you can... stop feeling like you have failed, end the food fights, and not worry about your child's relationship with food.

I empower parents who are worried about their kids' weight to build healthier families. One kid is overweight, the other could put some weight on, and you are concerned that you don't have the tools to help either one.

Guilt, frustration and feeling that we have failed our children...

It's really hard to build confidence when you feel like you've done it all wrong.

Instead, let's create new patterns so you build confidence in becoming a role model for your whole family. 

Side effects: 

Growing more connected to your family, addressing your own struggles, building lifelong healthy habits, and weight loss (if you like!).

And it will be FUN, because I don’t do it if it isn’t.

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Why Coaching for Parents?

So much focus has been placed upon the individual child's struggles with weight. 

Tip sheets and prescriptions telling people what to do leaves families confused, frustrated and at odds. It treats one child different from the others. It pushes us to take actions without questioning: is this realistic for my family? Is it consistent with what I believe? With how I am raising my children? Do I see this as a real option for my family?

Working exclusively with the child overlooks the role of the parent to set the tone and lead the family to health. It also overlooks a big part: we are a product of the home environment - what we have been taught to believe and practice. Lasting changes require the input of an adult to understand and be a guide to change. Do not outsource that.

Coaching is a process of developing confidence, building habits on purpose, walking together through what it takes to make lasting changes for the whole family. Even better, the skills you learn will apply to your life, and for all of your family members. Investing in the parent means investing in the health of the whole family.

Let's Work Together

You're Not Lost... You Just Found

There is a Better Way


Even as a board-certified pediatrician, I still had worries about my family's weight and health. Controlling food and activity just created friction with my kids - and I thought I was failing them. Through coaching, that changed because I changed. My transformation was so powerful that I became a Certified Life & Weight Coach for families.

I now help parents worried about their children's weight build a healthier whole family.

More About Me

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Many thanks to Author Lisa Fipps for joining us at our first Book Club discussion 

Starfish is a wonderful book, written from the perspective of an overweight 11 year old girl who finds the support, connection and courage to face bullies at home, school and in the medical office.

Transformed Clients 

"I entered this course to help essentially one child who struggles with weight but I've learned the weight struggle was mine. Her weight doesn't hold her back.... it was me. I was thinking by fixing this I could protect her from being made fun of or help her to look a certain way.... these were never her insecurities.... they were mine. 

In fact, in such a short time I've gained so much from your course beyond food and weight. I'm still learning and growing but I'm applying this to things like my son's anxiety and struggle to make friends. Overall I'm learning life isn't all or nothing, that was a state of mind I was living in. Now it's here we are, where do we want to be and let's take the steps together to get there. 

It makes me a better person, Mom, and wife all around. They feel like they have a voice and we can all feel good about our choices. I have so much further to go but it doesn't seem so overwhelming and hard now.

-Lindsey, Michigan, US


"Wendy has a very warm, friendly and comforting presence. She has an open mind and asks questions to stimulate introspective thoughts. Her smile and laugh are contagious!"

-Amy, Virginia, US

"I really didn’t think I would make progress. I didn’t have a conviction that this much could be improved. I tried all these years on my own and got nowhere. I knew coaching could do things for people, but I never imagined this life would be possible."

-Anonymous Physician, US