Switching the focus from the scale to what's really important

The day Emily’s mom asked me why I wasn’t talking about her child’s BMI was the day I knew there had to be a change. You see, Emily had been growing consistently over the 85% percentile for body mass index in her 6 years. This is medically defined as being overweight. Her mother had already described her varied diet, daily activity, sleep routines and academic progress. And yet her mom was concerned, “Aren’t you going to tell me what I’m doing wrong that she’s still overweight?”

Emily’s mom believed that she was doing it wrong based on her daughter’s BMI.

That is the day that I recognized there had to be a different way to approach the concerns about pediatric overweight and obesity. 

The well-intended medical approach of identify and diagnose to effectively treat left families with frustration over “Eat less, move more” and fear about long-term consequences of additional weight.

Here’s the thing: weight isn’t the problem. Neither is the child who doesn’t want to change. But we are creating problems with our current approach - it is creating resistance, fear and disconnection within our families, as well as an unintended increased risk for eating disorders. And the most challenging aspect is that parents are experiencing the same challenges with weight, body image and repeated diets - and conclude that they are not the role model for their children’s health.


Family in Focus was created to support parents who are worried about weight in their family.

The way out is to shift focus off the scale and instead focus upon what’s really important:

identifying the habits that have created current health, and having the opportunity to choose new habits that the whole family can share for life. Meanwhile, focusing on the importance of the relationships we have with our own bodies, our families, and our food.

Parents who participate in the Family in Focus program sign up because of concerns about their children’s weight and body image. The parents don't know how to best help their kids, let alone how to address their own issues with food and weight. Through the program, they develop:

  • an awareness of the current habits in the household,
  • confidence in their ability to parent in this food environment
  • a plan to lead their family to life-long nourishing habits.
  • a more positive body image,
  • compassion and love for themselves,
  • more connection with their family

And THAT is what is important: helping parents strengthen their relationships at home. (Also, parents have lost weight while practicing the Family in Focus approach.)

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My mission with Family in Focus is to heal the whole family - to get past the focus on the scale to define health and success - and instead to create connection and healing relationships with food, ourselves and each other.

I believe that health truly starts at home and empowering parents is the secret sauce to raising healthy children. Family in Focus has both group and individual coaching programs, as well as a weekly podcast, blog and free resources.


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