Being a Doctor Doesn't Have to Suck

How to go from Just Surviving the Day to Thriving in Life

I Want to Thrive!

 You've made it through medical school, to residency, to becoming an attending.... thinking that it will SURELY get better at the next step.

And now you're just trying to survive... 

Clinic. The shift. This case.

This staff meeting. This patient encounter.

The next 1, 5, 20 years til retirement.

I was there. Repeatedly. The system wasn't letting me be the Good Doctor that I was, that I had to be. I found myself leaving positions because I couldn't do it anymore. Yet, everywhere I went, the issues followed me. I spent all my energy in the office and then had ZERO energy left over for my family. I was a crabby, disgruntled unbalanced physician, mother, wife - not doing anything well.

I didn't realize it until afterwards, like after 3 times (!), that I had gone through burnout. Repeatedly. Which happens when we don't have the words to name it, and then address the causes.

The realization that I had burnt out wasn't the ah-ha. It was that I could do something about it. I had already started. By getting a coach.

I transformed my career (yes, still practicing medicine!), my relationships, my health, my life. I am thriving. I love clinical practice. My charts are all done. And I no longer have "difficult patients." They can disagree with my treatment plan - and I no longer let that mean that they are poking me, nor that I am a bad doctor. 

Become fully in control of what is yours to control... and let the other bullshit GO!

(Oh yeah, I'm a pediatrician with a sailor's mouth -- did I mention my military background?!?)

I Want In

Join me - and create the transformation for yourself:

The Thriving Physician Coaching Program


Professional development coaching for physicians, by a physician who has faced the challenges of searching for that elusive work-life balance amidst the demands of clinical medicine and family. 

Have you ever noticed how the folks in the C-Suite have coaches? That executives have coaches?


All physicians are leaders. We are leaders in our own lives, we are clinical and administrative leaders. Leadership is not a title or position, but comes from a sense of self, where you are and where you are heading. Once that is defined, you can lead others on the journey.

Start with yourself: learn to lead a life by design.


Time Management, Charting Efficiency: Get it done to leave work at work and then embrace your life outside of work.

Professional coaching has been shown to decrease the rate of burnout for physicians, and contribute to fulfillment.  (Click here for the evidence!)


Personalized program available, 12 weeks, 1-to-1 coaching, Individually-tailored topics based on your unique needs. 


Invest an hour (free!) to chat about "All the Things" with Dr Schofer and find out how to lead & THRIVE in the life you've worked so hard to create.

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