Being a Doctor Doesn't Have to Suck

Starting living the life you've worked so hard for

It's Time for a Change

Are you just plain exhausted? Frustrated?

Counting the weeks, days and hours until you have some time off from medicine?

Are you up to your ears in  charts and messages, taking working home with you?

When you get time with your family, are you exhausted with them too?

Where is this elusive work-life balance?

Is there a way back after burnout?

I’ve been there too. 

I kept working harder and longer, and then when I couldn’t push any more,

I thought that I just wasn’t cut out for medicine.

I thought that I was a mess as a doctor, and wife, and mother.

I was wrong.


The demands of being a doctor now create this impossibility where we are trying to do more, more, more, with less, less, less.

And there’s nothing left for ourselves except for exhaustion and burnout.


There is a way out: 


Create a life you don’t need a break from

 Imagine, living the life you've worked so hard for, not counting down the days, but making each day count.

Practice. On your terms. With joy. With fun (because I don't do anything that isn't fun).

Take vacations, without fear of what's awaiting when you return. And forget about needing to take a vacation from your vacation ever again...



As a new client told me,

“You appear to be the one who figured out how to live the dream.”

At first I was shocked to hear that. It seemed too big of a statement.

It is completely true.

Yes. I have done it. Because I stopped dreaming about it and made it happen. All I needed was a coach to help me find what was true to me, what fuels me (apparently, it's FUN!), and what I really wanted for my career, my family and myself. I figured it out and yes, I think I have it all.


And you can too.


I Want In

The anti-burnout:

It's called

fueling our own damn fires,

fueling our passions.


Learn how you, too, can fall back in love with medicine or move on with confidence and clarity. Learn how to invest in your own health, do only what aligns with your values and priorities, and live a life that fuels you every day, so you don’t need a break from your life.

Yes, it’s possible! Join me.


The Thriving Physician Coaching Program


Professional development coaching for physicians, by a physician who has faced the challenges of searching for that elusive work-life balance amidst the demands of clinical medicine and family.  (Yes, Category 1 CME credits are available as an option.)

Have you ever noticed how the folks in the C-Suite have coaches? That executives have coaches?


All physicians are leaders. We are leaders in our own lives, we are clinical and administrative leaders. Leadership is not a title or position, but comes from a sense of self, where you are and where you are heading. Once that is defined, you can lead others on the journey.

Start with yourself: learn to lead a life by design.

You'll learn how to leave work at work.

You'll learn how to leave the bullshit with someone else.

You will learn how to have energy left for your family when you get home.

Your health will improve as you focus on investing in and healing yourself.


Professional coaching has been shown to decrease the rate of burnout for physicians, and contribute to fulfillment.  (Click here for the evidence!)

3 months of my exclusive-access, private, personalized program, all 1-to-1 coaching, Individually-tailored coaching based on your unique needs. 

Join me. 

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Who is Wendy Schofer, MD?


Mom ❤️ Wife

Physician in Active Practice

Board-Certified Pediatrician

Board-Certified Lifestyle Physician

Certified Life & Weight Coach

Certified Health & Well-Being Coach


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Real Doctors, Real Results...

"I signed up for a 12-session physician coaching program with Coach Wendy because I spent many hours after my clinics on charting and I needed that time back!  Part of me knew I must find a solution lest I burn out of my life and medicine soon.  Part of me didn't believe I could actually find a solution!  I always viewed myself as a procrastinator and thought I was doomed to always feel overwhelmed with poor time management. When I signed up, I couldn't imagine how coaching would actually change this!

Throughout our sessions, Wendy did not give me lectures or a plan of corrective action.  If she did, it would not have worked.  What she did was listen intently, point out another perspective, challenge me to reframe my thoughts, and every once in a while, would make an incredibly insightful observation about my progress.  

I did end up gaining insights and mindset shifts that not only helped me chart faster, but totally transformed the way I valued myself, my time, and my expertise as a physician. It started a complete mindset shift that also affected how I showed up in negotiating the terms of my job!  Now, I can see how the investment of money and time I put in coaching with Wendy has returned manyfold!  If you are considering signing up, don't wait, just do it!"

Dr. W, Physician, Wife, Mom, Vermont

"I really didn’t think I would make progress. I didn’t have a conviction that this much could be improved. I tried all these years on my own and got nowhere. I knew coaching could do things for people, but I never imagined this life would be possible."

-Dr G, Physician, US

"Wendy has a very warm, friendly and comforting presence. She has an open mind and asks questions to stimulate introspective thoughts. Her smile and laugh are contagious!"

-Dr V, Physician, Wife, Mom, Virginia

"I'm back for more coaching with Wendy. In my first 12 weeks, I had such changes to my clinic. Actually, the changes were more to how I saw clinic. I stopped taking it home with me. I now enjoy it. I negotiated a raise and a promotion. I've created the practice I always wanted and now I'm making a business outside of medicine. I don't have to, I want to."

-Dr B, Physician, Wife, Mom, Illinois

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