Discover how to create lifelong health for the whole family


Learn how to address family overweight and obesity by working with your kids and creating healthy habits

Have you had enough of:

  • the daily food frustrations
  • finding food wrappers tucked around the house
  • worry about your kids' weight... their health consequences and diagnoses
  • years of questioning what is the right way to help the kids and yourself
  • the doubt you can make a change if everyone is struggling with food and weight
  • (let alone all that conflicting health information)


Instead, do you want to confidently lead your family to better health...


Even if you have struggled with your own weight & body image?

You are not alone!


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Have you had enough of:

  • the daily food frustrations
  • finding food wrappers tucked around the house
  • worry about your kids' weight... their health consequences and diagnoses
  • years of questioning what is the right way to help the kids and yourself
  • the doubt you can make a change if everyone is struggling with food and weight
  • (let alone all that conflicting health information)


Instead, do you want to confidently lead your family to better health...


Even if you have struggled with your own weight & body image?

You are not alone!


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Where do we begin?

When you're living in fear of overweight and obesity, the long-term consequences, the right-now shame and guilt, it's overwhelming to figure out how to help your own family, isn't it?

You can find all the advice in the world about what to feed your kids... and take in everything your doctor suggests

(if they consider your child overweight enough to recommend anything),  

but how do you figure out what will work for YOUR family?

It's frustrating and confusing and leaves you feeling like you're fighting them all the time.

And grasping to control health and eating and movement is... exhausting.

Been there, done that.

If Only It Were As Easy...

as easy as following the doctor’s directions or all the advice you find online to...

Eat Less, Move More. Sigh.


But it’s not the “bad” food,

it’s not the lack of moving,

it’s not that there’s another test for the doctor to run.


In fact, the strict eat less/move more creates:

  • diets

  • food rules

  • sneaking foods 

  • arguing about “mandatory-fun” exercise

It focuses on what is wrong with you, your child, your and family.


Here’s what you need to hear:

Your child's weight is not your fault. 

It's not their fault either.

And there’s no ONE elusive answer, diet, or motivation that you’ve overlooked.


(PS - You don’t have to be at a certain weight to make changes either!)

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The real answer is that it’s really about focusing on what works for the whole family

You’re not going to see changes in your kids' health and eating patterns without starting with YOU 


(It’s not your fault that your focus may not have been in the right place. No one talks about this stuff!)


But if you want to see true change for your children, the first thing they need is a role model to show them the right path.


The right path for your family.

Imagine When You Will Have...

  • Consistency in your approach (not giving in when the kids start whining)
  • Flexibility to handle exceptions
  • No more food fights
  • Confidence that you're on the right path
  • Lighten the heavy burden of guilt
  • A healthier relationship with food: for you and your family
  • More connection with your children
  • Focus on relationships more than the number on the scale
  • Emotions that don't drive you to snack
  • Peaceful sleep knowing you're doing exactly what you need to do
  • A PLAN
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But Doing This As A Parent Isn’t Easy!

Sure, you could go and Google weight loss for kids, find Pinterest recipes, get all sorts of input on Facebook about how your kid doesn’t “look overweight,” isn’t “that overweight” and have all sorts of doubts…

...but as someone who has worked with families for 20 years, I understand that the wealth of information isn’t helpful. It’s overwhelming. 

And more input from different voices is confusing. 

It makes you want to throw in the towel. 

And my goodness, who has time to do all that internet searching and taste-testing from Pinterest? There’s no energy for that!

All the information in the world will not help you become the role model your child needs to find a healthy weight.

What You Really Need...

is to understand that all your prior struggles have nothing to do with your ability to make real, lasting change. And a plan to make it happen:


You CAN become the role model for your family’s health.


You CAN create healthier habits


You CAN lose weight together


You CAN strengthen your relationships and bring your family closer together


You CAN lead your family with confidence

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Introducing: Family in Focus 


The Comprehensive Program for Building a Healthy Family


This is the only program that empowers parents to become the role model for health at home by cutting through all the drama.

You'll learn how to address your concerns with your own body image, eating habits and relationship with food.

You will decrease the frustration and worry to have a calmer approach to health.

You will develop a deeper understanding of why your kids do (and don't do)... whatever it is that they're doing today!

You will learn to understand what works for your family and why other things just don't work.

You will feel better about your role in leading the family to health.

I've got you ... with tools to help you develop the confidence to say, "I've got this."

Because you, my friend, will have a plan.

Now is the time to shift focus from finding what is broken and instead build a healthier family.

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Hi! I'm Wendy

Over the past 20 years, a big part of the fun of being a pediatrician is watching families grow: new family members, new skills, patients becoming taller than their doctor! I’ve also watched kids grow on the scale and the growth curves. At first, the concern was that we needed to define and identify obesity so that we could treat it. And then, it became clear: the standard medical prevention and treatment weren’t making a difference for a large number of the families. 

At the beginning of every visit, I would plot the child’s growth on a chart, and look at the curve. Parents would hold their breath…. “What’s the news?” I could hear it in their anxious voices, “What kind of parent am I being for my child?”

One day the mom of a 6 year-old who had always been over the 85% for body mass index (and growing consistently), asked me why I wasn’t having the “BMI chat” with her. I asked, “Why? What are your concerns?”  We had already covered that she was eating a variety of whole foods at meals with her family, and lots of activity over the course of the day. There were no “red flags.” Mom came to tears. “You’re the first doctor who hasn’t told me I was doing it all wrong because she’s still “Overweight”.”

The child was thriving. The mother was struggling. Because she thought she was doing it all wrong.

Mom was carrying the weight of all the things she thought she was doing wrong.

Let's get rid of those burdens, the drama, about all the stuff we've been doing wrong. Let's start making it right for our families.


What You'll Get When You Join

  • Create healthier habits for you
  • Create self-confidence in leading your family
  • Create healthier habits for the whole family
  • Recognize which parts of family health are within your control - and which are not
  • Redefine your relationship with food and with each other
  • Lose weight (if you want!)
  • Become more connected with your children, partner, family members
  • Gain more time as you worry less about your family’s health
  • Connect with and understand what drives you to overeat, so understand what your kids are experiencing
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The Key to Helping Your Family Be Healthy is to ...

Start with You

Parenting is hard... if we tell ourselves it is. As we write the manual for how to raise a child - it means understanding ourselves first.

Focus on Practice, Not Numbers

We are creatures of habit! With Family in Focus you will build new habits to create the healthy family you always wanted.

Do It Together

You will get tools to help all family members achieve find their healthy weight & lifestyle.

Have a PLAN

I will help you design a customized plan - made by you, for you, for your family. You'll learn how to create a plan with love, and then consistently follow it without fear of meltdowns.

Build Stronger Relationships

Weight loss means nothing if it creates a battle in your home. Connect with your child, building stronger relationships.

What Would It Be Worth To:

  • Not lay awake at night worrying about your child’s weight?
  • Not stress over what you’re serving for meals?
  • Not have to make a separate meal for everyone in the family? 
  • Not have endless trips for weight checks and have the BMI chat over and over and over again?
  • Avoid insulin resistance for you and your child?
  • Stop the endless cycles of yo-yo diets?
  • Support your child's body image
  • Not have your child live the cycle of struggle that you have had?
  • Stop wasting money on the latest/greatest health fad?
  • Address weight concerns for your whole family?
  • Not have to figure out time off, co-pays and transportation for medical consults?
  • Transform yourself without guilt?
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Family in Focus

Private Coaching

  • 12 weeks of Private Coaching
  • Guaranteed Transformation
    • Get rid of the doubt and frustration about raising a modern healthy family
    • Cut through the drama, food fights
    • Develop a deeper understanding of why your family pushes back, and create new paths to understanding what really works
    • You will feel better, more confident, and make decisions you love for you and your family
    • You will have a plan for making healthy choices easy and fun
    • Go through the seasons together: building steam, set-backs, course corrections and maintenance. I'm with you through it all. 
    • Become the role model for your family's healthy habits
  • Weekly Individual calls with Wendy
    • I've got you as you take the steps to becoming the parent who says, "I've Got This"
    • Bring whatever you need: personal, family, professional concerns
    • Build a customized plan to become the confident leader of your home & your life
    • Learn and practice the tools that will lead to lifelong healthy habits for you and the whole family
    • Scheduled at your convenience so that you are in the driver's seat
    • Written coaching available 24/7 (responses within 48 hours) so you are never left hanging with a question
    • You are not alone!
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Real Words from Real Families

Ashley, Mom of 2


"My kids are so different. My son is underweight and I feel so guilty that I fed my daughter every time she cried as a baby, and now she's overweight. They used to whine that they were hungry while I was cooking and it was such chaos. Now, I have some peace while I am cooking and I feel like I am winning because they are eating their veggie or fruit before the meal even starts."

Client's 9 year old son


"I love Dr Wendy.

She is helping you be a better mom." 

Lindsey, Mom of 3


"For so long now I have felt like I had to control and fix everything and if it wasn't working I must be failing... what a heavy feeling. I entered this course to help essentially one child who struggles with weight but I've learned the weight struggle was mine. Her weight doesn't hold her back.... it was me. I was thinking by fixing this I could protect her from being made fun of or help her to look a certain way.... these were never her insecurities.... they were mine. It doesn't seem so overwhelming and hard now."

Transform Yourself to Transform Your Family

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