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Helping parents find a healthy weight for our kids without adding more to your plate
(literally & figuratively!)

Where do I start?

"Weight Loss 101 for Your Whole Family," is a mini-course that answers the most common questions about how to start getting your family to a healthy weight.

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Client Love

Lindsey, Mom of 3

"THANK YOU! There were so many aha moments... For so long now I have felt like I had to control and fix everything and if it wasn't working I must be failing... what a heavy feeling. I entered this course to help essentially one child who struggles with weight but I've learned the weight struggle was mine. Her weight doesn't hold her back.... it was me. I was thinking by fixing this I could protect her from being made fun of or help her to look a certain way.... these were never her insecurities.... they were mine. It doesn't seem so overwhelming and hard now. 


In fact, in such a short time I've gained so much from your course beyond food and weight. Now it's here we are, where do we want to be and let's take the steps together to get there. 


As a family, I'm taking Me time and asking for help or moreso requesting it from my husband and kids. It makes me a better person, Mom, and wife all around.  I'm also including the kids more in meal planning and what they bring to lunch or snack time. They feel like they have a voice and we can all feel good about our choices."

It’s time for change

As parents, we are worried about our kids’ weight. 

We are frustrated with our own history of diets and working out just to be able to eat the food we actually love.

Now we are concerned that our kids are following the same path.

It’s time to stop feeling guilty

You know, the the long list of things we 



Would be doing better

If only our kids just ate better, moved more, weren’t on the electronics, 

If only we had more time and energy to focus on all the “right” things to do.

Let’s address the stress

of raising a healthy family, already full of never-ending To-Do lists, rules and expectations…

And then add on the worry about our kids’ weight.

What does it mean for:

  • Their long-term health

  • Their body image

  • Their relationship with food

What does it mean about how we’re raising them?

You don’t have to carry this weight any more

With Family in Focus, we cut through all the rules (no prescriptions for exercise, no to-do lists here),

We understand the challenges of raising a healthy modern family

We don’t add more to your plate as a parent

We find ways to do less - it’s a new kind of "clear your plate" that both you and your kids will actually love

Do less. Connect more.

We build healthy relationships with food, body, and most importantly, the whole family.

This is the anti-diet: it’s sustainable and lasts for life, it’s easy and fun, and you can share it with your whole family.

Join Family in Focus to bring the calm, the joy, and the connection back to your family & health.

Weight Coaching for the Whole Family?

Yup. This work helps the whole family. I work with parents to create the relationships and habits that the whole family actually needs to be healthy at every size, including now.

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Weight Loss 101 for Your Whole Family

This mini-course answers your most common questions with the uncommon, needed and effective ways to help your whole family.

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5 Questions

Answer these questions to understand your particular challenges in helping your kids have a healthy relationship with food.

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Cutting Out the Dinnertime Chaos

Get started today to cut out the chaos and start enjoying dinner.

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Another Secret?

You are not supposed to know how to do this. 

No one else is sharing this effective approach to family health!

But just imagine... when you have stopped second-guessing if you should have let them have seconds, when you have ended the food fights, and no longer worry about your child's relationship with food.


Side effects: 

Growing more connected to your family, addressing those age-old habits (like your own food sneaking!), and building lifelong healthy habits that you actually want to share with the whole family.

And it will be FUN, because I don’t do it if it isn’t.

Work With Me

You're Not Lost... You've Just Found There is a Better Way


Even as a pediatrician, I still had worries about my family's weight and health. Controlling food and activity just created friction with my kids - and I thought I was failing them. Through coaching, that changed because I changed. The Family in Focus approach was born from my own powerful transformation.

I now help parents worried about their children's weight build a healthier whole family. Because working just with the child overlooks the role of the parent to set the tone and lead the family to health.


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