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Who is Wendy Schofer, MD?


A few years ago, Wendy grew frustrated that despite over 20 years of loving, treating and connecting with families as a pediatrician, she wasn't helping families who were struggling with increasing weight in a meaningful way.

The focus on the individual child left parents with food fights, diet-mentality and worries about their children's health. Parents had doubts that their kids could break a pattern that they had lived themselves.

Wendy realized that the medical approach to weight isn't cutting it for many families, including her own. She became certified as a Life, Weight & Wellness Coach, and created a new path - which changed the conversation around family weight, nutrition and health. 

Wendy's relationship with her own family, food and health changed - and opened doors to understand the challenges that other parents were facing. Now she works with whole families to get beyond the focus upon weight and create lifelong healthy habits at home.

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