I reserve the right to change my mind, over & over again

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Family in Focus with Wendy Schofer, MD
I reserve the right to change my mind, over & over again

When my kids were about 9-12 years old, there was a question they asked time and again: "Is that hypocritical?"

Big (new) words!

Whenever I changed my mind and approached something from a different perspective, like what I was serving for meals, or whether I thought a movie was appropriate for them to watch at that age, I would be asked if I was being hypocritical.

It apparently stuck with me. I find myself wanting to stay consistent to a theme or an approach - but this is for other's benefit, not for mine.

My practice is to stay consistent to what works for me NOW (versus what was working for me in the past).

I've got a great example for you: my messaging about my program.

I help parents of overweight kids...

It game me heartburn when I would say it. I just didn’t love it. I would say hey parents of overweight kids and kids with obesity…

And then I would talk about not focusing on the weight.

Felt hypocritical. Yet I know that parents heard me. I was speaking to you in a language you recognized. The issue was mine, not others'.

Honestly I just want folks to know: I can help. No matter the words you use to describe.

But as I’ve been working with clients over the past year - and a lot of introspection- I’ve realized that I help parents who have kids at such differing weights - they can have obesity or even trying to gain weight - and everything in between.

What has been consistent is the weight that we carry as parents looking to help our kids be healthy. (Yes, pun intended).

I help you parent without all the food and body drama.

The drama - the worry, the frustration, the food fights, the fear of doing it wrong - I could finally describe what I have experienced myself - and find the words to describe what all of my clients were describing in their unique ways.

So here I am - redefining. Growing with my business. Learning and changing my mind.

Omg. It feels glorious. I’m so glad you’re here with me.

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