Maiden Voyage: Why Now?

childhood children coaching family habit habits health healthy kids life coach medical medicine model obesity overweight parent pediatric weight weight loss wellness Nov 18, 2021

A blog?!?

Yes - this is a tremendous opportunity, now, in 2021, to change the dialogue around family weight, health and habits.

I'm so incredibly tired of the discussion around weight for our kids. The news media is reporting "the news" - about the increasing rates of overweight and obesity for our population. And the message is loud and clear: fear obesity. Fear the medical complications. Fear the scale. Fear... food.

This is not a way to raise a family, and it is not a way to build a healthy relationship with our bodies, our food and each other.

So... a blog!

Because it's time that we talk about other ways to approach our fascination with weight.

What else is possible?

*That* my friend, is a BEAUTIFUL question to ask. What else is possible for you? For your family?

We have been taught for our entire lives by the dietary industry and medical offices that the answer is Eat Less, Move More. For some, it works. For many more, it doesn't.

Eat Less... and I'll be missing out. Eat Less... and I'll be hungry, or hangry, or miserable.

Move More...  and it will be uncomfortable. Move More and I'll be sweaty and sore and I don't f'ing like running!

So what else is possible?

That's what we're diving into here at Family in Focus.

Instead of focusing on the scale, on weight, on food - and fearing all of the above, let's focus on what's important: addressing our needs, connecting with our bodies and our family. Love, connection and relationships. Ok, and some structure. But we'll get into that more.

Welcome. You're in the right place.

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