A Conversation for Teens and Parents: Creating Supportive Relationships

relationships supportive teens Feb 23, 2024

I heard that there was a special audience member: my friend's son loves listening to Family in Focus along with mom (he doesn't want to hear her input, but he's absorbing the conversations that we're having on the podcast: a reminder to me to use my strengths wisely.) ;-) So now I know, while I speak to adults, sometimes kids are listening, and as it appears, by choice! (yes, I will mark explicit when appropriate -- and you choose which topics to share with the kids)

This is an episode I invite you to share with the kids, especially teens. It's the submission I made for the Teen Health 360 program at EVMS - the Eastern Virginia Medical School, where their mission is "Empowering teens to make informed decisions about their relationships, health and well-being." I wholeheartedly agree with that mission!

They recently asked community members to answer the question, "What does a supportive relationship look like between an adult and a teen?" I answered the question from the perspective of what we as adults can do to promote and create supportive relationships with teens. We have a big role to play. When I went to submit, I realized that the question was being posed more about engaging teens with creating supportive relationships with adults. So it was game on! I responded with WHY on earth would they ever want to connect with adults, and the concept of creating your own A-Team.

You're invited to view the video versions of both aspects and watch with your teens. There is such wealth in exploring perspectives on both sides of the relationship, which largely involves trust, safe spaces and vulnerability. I welcome your input, ah-ha's and questions. As always, you can drop me a line at [email protected].

YouTube version of Episode #110 here.

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