The challenge of raising a healthy family

challenge growth healthy Jan 20, 2023

Tell me about the challenges you are facing right now – what comes up? Work, stress, relationships, finances, and health, your family’s weight? We have challenges all around us.

Challenges are something that we don’t know the outcome - it’s a form of stress.

Stress in our lives – and stress is not always bad. Think about this: trees need to be tested in the wind, stressed, in order to grow tall and strong. Our bones need to be stressed by activity in order to have more minerals deposited and get stronger (why jumping is good, and why we need to stay active as we get older or risk osteoporosis/bone weakness).

Stress can actually help us grow. It does help us grow. We face a situation, and we are faced with having to find a way around it. On the other side of that stress, we find that we survived, we have tools that worked as well as the ones that didn’t work this time. 

And… we are stronger.

Now we can have stress that is too much - and that’s a topic for another day, but there is still the stress of life, the stress that helps us grow bigger and stronger.

I remember how growing pains are a part of life for kids – and quite honestly I have to remind myself how the discomfort of facing and experiencing challenges is my chance to grow. It’s actually a sign that I’m growing - that I can face the discomfort and become stronger on the other side of it.

But challenges aren’t just things that arise out of the blue. Can you ever imagine putting yourself in front of a challenge? On purpose?

What type of challenge would it be? And why on Earth would you do that?

For some reason, I picture a Tough Mudder race - the obstacles, dirt, mud and ickiness. It’s funny because I will sign up for an adventure race, but none with electricity. Forgettaboutit.

OK, so what other challenge? Is it trying something new like a recipe, a dance move, a new way to get to work?

Challenges can be as simple as trying something new to experiment - and see what can be different, how it can be better, and who you become along the way.


Well, that’s the kind of challenge I want to invite you to:

I’ve created a free 5-day LIVE Challenge for parents who are worried about their family’s weight.

What’s the challenge?

It’s to experiment, to see what is in it for YOU.

The uncertainty - is that you don’t know what all is in-store for you and your family, how you will grow.

A little secret: while we don't want to admit it, parents are WORRIED about their kids' weight.

Are they overweight? Will they be healthy? How can I help them reach a healthy weight? What do I feed them or how get them to move?

It's CHALLENGING to navigate, especially since it's taboo... we don't want to admit that we are secretly thinking about weight.

And that's why I created founded Family in Focus and the Family Weight Help 101 CHALLENGE - for parents who are worried, want to create healthy, whole-family habits and not bring diets into their home.

Diets don't work. Neither do food fights and mandatory exercise. And... neither does worrying alone.

Join the free 5-day LIVE challenge where you will:

💥 find you are not alone

💥 join a community of likeminded parents who are looking to create change in their homes

💥 learn the 4 pillars of lifelong healthy habits

💥 apply these tools in your home

💥 come back the next day, celebrate what is working, troubleshoot the challenges, and build on.

💥 become the parent that you want to be - the one your kids need to help navigate being healthy in today's world


It’s a challenge because I’m going to invite you to learn new tools to help your family, and go home and apply it that night. 

It’s a challenge because these are gonna be things that you are not already doing. Why is that?

The challenge is doing something new. And then, you come back the next day and we talk about it. We talk about where you found new successes, and what challenges have arisen overnight.

Do not shy away from challenges. I invite you to lean into them and to join me on this challenge. You don’t know what’s on the other side of a challenge until you do it.


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