What's your weight reality?

possibility reality Jan 27, 2023
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What is your weight reality?

How often we talk about the reality of our situation. I hate that phrase: "Well the reality is…" That is not helpful.

The reality is just talking about what is right now. Sure there's facts and there's likely quite a bit of story. But how often do we use "the reality" to keep us where we are, to tell ourselves that it can't be different, that change isn't possible?

The reality that we have right now has nothing to do with our future beyond that it is our starting point. It has nothing to do with what's possible. What is possible depends upon what we do next. 

Do we accept our reality as the end? Or, do we ask, "And now what?" 

What is possible for you, for your family, for your health?

Possibility doesn't just exist. We CREATE it.

We don't need to review what the reality is right now. When I'm working with parents who are concerned about their kids' weight, not once do I ask how much their kids weigh. That's not that I'm trying to overlook a key piece of information. "The reality" of what someone weighs, their history of dieting, what has happened in the past: all of that is just a collection of facts.

Those facts describe where we are right now and it actually isn't helping when the work that we do together is in exploring and creating what is possible for you and your family.

The reality, the facts - they are the starting point. Now you got to ask yourself powerful questions about what is possible? What do you want to create? What do you want this reality to mean for you? Because the reality is that it doesn't mean one thing. Even facts don't have the same meaning to different people. Just take example of a weight. 

Can you believe weight doesn't mean the same thing to different people? How is that possible? It's the story that we tell about the weight. It's the story that we tell if that weight is making us fearful, anxious, disappointed or if it's just a number perhaps we can even celebrate the wait. 

So I ask you to consider what is possible.

The only reality that dictates the future is when you say that something is impossible or I'll never be able to do it. In that case, you're sealing the deal: you'll never be able to do it it will totally always be impossible if you think of it that way.

This is not the way that we have approached health and most definitely not the way that we have approached weight. The reality is that this is a new type of conversation. What is possible for you and your family and your health when you start asking about the possibilities that you want to create and then bring to life?

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