It's like the Disney World for Adults

Apr 14, 2022

I am exhausted, in the most wonderful way.

LCS Mastermind. It's the Life Coach School's annual "convention" for certified coaches, and my first time going in person (you know, COVID...)

I had 2-and-change days of fun, connection, education in the sneakiest ways


There was no published schedule! No topics announced, no cherry-picking which lectures to attend, who or what to skip.

No “I’ve already heard that before.”


Yes, I had heard the words before, but I got to make them my own.


Truly adult education.


Topics woven together with such an artistry.


That’s actually what is so different from every other conference I’ve ever been to.

There were no objectives you were to anticipate, no marks to meet. 

Just show up and take what you will.


Judith Gaton, a brilliant lawyer and style coach spoke to us about the Renaissance - not the 14-17th C one, but the Harlem Renaissance, where a group of people got together and said, THIS, this that we are doing, this is an art form. And they worked and worked, spreading their art until it was around the world as a cultural revolution.


Listening to her in a large conference room, I realized that this was completely different from any other gathering or lecture I had attended. I wasn’t expected to learn the right way from an expert. Instead, I was in the midst of artists just like myself – and we were all taking our gifts, our art, and going forth into the world to CREATE what we wanted. It wasn’t to fit someone else’s mold.


This is the message I want to spread. It applies to physicians, it applies to parents, and it can absolutely be shared with our children.


Let me tell you about one of the many times I came to tears.


Chris hale - an artist in so many ways – he challenged us. His question was to thik of someone who is an example of what is possible.


Think about it now.


While I was thinking about that person, I got really critical of myself. I thought I was doing it wrong.




Well, that’s when Chris spoke up – and I will channel his sentiments:


Why looks to others as an example of hwt is possible?


What about YOU?


Whew. I started crying. Like freaking bawling.


Because I was only thinking of myself the whole time. I’m not comparing myself to others. I see myself as the example of what is possible - FOR ME. Because I’m doing what I keep asking myself, “What about this, how about that?”


It brought me to tears b/c this wasn’t me of a few years ago. I had thought that I wasn’t doing it right. I wasn’t enough as a doctor, as a wife, as a mother.


But it changed for me.


And that’s why I’m here, contemplating today - because I see that as possible for each and every one of you. To see yourself as the possibility.


Become your own authority and be the one you ask for guidance. Don’t ever think you are the problem. You, your brain, your thoughts, your life – it’s never the prboem.


You can get curious, and explore, and understand - and change.


It’s not about using these tools to change YOu, it’s about using the tools to become more you.


Flat-out bawling.


And so that brings me to here:

On a deck, now in solitude, just talking. And listening. And being.


It’s full-circle after the frenzy of excitement and giddiness of this past week. Now I go to the mountains and just disconnect (with all the external) and reconnect. With me. Because that’s how I lean into what is possible.


Thanks so much for joining me today.

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So much love. I’m going to go for a hike.

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