How Do You Celebrate Your Family (in Focus)? One Year Anniversary

Jun 10, 2022

It's time to celebrate.

Celebrate what?

  1. You. I celebrate that you are here with me, celebrate the progress that you have made. What progress? Look for it. Focus upon it. You will find it. All the steps, which are all very small - because small steps add up to make long journeys.
  2. Family in Focus with Wendy Schofer, MD is celebrating 1 year of weekly podcasts. Started from scratch, zip, zilch, zero, afraid to hit record and now:
  3. Over 3000 downloads, and increasing (that’s 1000 just this past 3 months!)


We celebrate how far we've come.

So much of my focus with building out Family in Focus is to see how far we have to go -- in reframing pediatric obesity, family health, body positivity, and healthier relationships with food, body and each other.


It's a really big job in front of us.


And worth every bit of work.


And yet - we already have things to celebrate.


We need to - get to - celebrate all along the way.


This came up in a recent coaching call, where a mom was talking about how she's not seeing progress in her child's picky eating and his weight. She sees the problem... and wants it fixed, so she's looking for what she's missing.

I asked her to consider "What's going well?"

Pause... like heavy silence.

And then, my client mentioned how she’s really figuring out what her son likes, and they aren’t fighting. She talked about what she has learned, how she's helping him, how she sees possibility in things changing, and how she sees more to her child than what he eats and the number on the scale.

Celebration as I see it is the art of choosing WHERE I WANT TO FOCUS. What IS working - and how did I do that? I want to focus on what is working so that I train myself to repeat those steps.

How do you want to focus on what is going well?

How do you want to celebrate?


If this is a new question for you, let me explain:

This is something that I practice all the time.

If you were a fly on the wall, you will hear me frequently doing what I call "Celebration Models" in my own coaching.

I've got plenty of drama, plenty of discomfort that I'm facing - and yet, I choose to focus on the celebration models.

What does that look like?

It looks like celebrating WHAT IS.

Right now.


What is going well, what do I love and enjoy?

What am I grateful for?

What have I done to achieve that?

Who have I become?

How much growth have I seen?

What is getting easier?


When I ask these questions, I then ANSWER them.

I want to see how I got here.

What worked. And of course, what didn't work.


YUP - I celebrate failure.

I had a failed launch last year. OK, not supposed to call it that. I had a launch that did not create any new clients.

I celebrate that launch, because I learned so much about what it is that I wanted to do with my business. I learned that I wanted to create more community outreach. I wanted to write - and have I written gobs of blogs and articles and am working on op eds now.

In the Gifts of Imperfection I talked about what I learned from my failures.

I now embrace them.

It's a new habit. The prior one was perfectionism, fearing failure. The new habit - which I am practicing - is still doing my best, but also welcoming failure as an opportunity to know that I really put myself out into an unsafe place - where I wasn't guaranteed the outcome that I wanted.  And what can I learn from the failure?

Now, I celebrate the progress that has been made - through mistakes, through pain, and yet I know that I have already  traveled a larger distance than I still have yet to go.


Because getting taking the first step is the hardest.

And you’ve already started too.

Let’s celebrate that!


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