Taking Some Time Off to Find What Works

motivation roadtrip thoughts Aug 05, 2022

My friend, it's been a hot minute! I've spent the past month spending time with my family, and quite honestly off the blogging/podcasting grid. It seems like when everyone takes time off nowadays, they are explaining it. No explanation needed. If you have the opportunity, do it.

This is where the Europeans have it locked-on! They readily take extended breaks ("holidays")... every.stinking.year! 

It's funny how I still find the need to explain it and justify what I did. Nope. I don’t have to explain squat. However, there is something else to discuss:  what I learned about taking this deliberate time off.

  1. I’m done adulting. While I was in a co-parenting role on this trip, I felt like I was being a kid. I checked the adult hat and looked at the West through the eyes of a child. 
  2. I’m all about giving myself gifts – planning ahead for future self. That includes arranging things (and baggage) ahead of time to have a smooth launch in the AM. It includes raiding the local grocery store to make sure we have food options in the cooler for the next long drive. When we opened the cooler, it was like a little gold chest there, gifts we left for ourselves.
  3. I’m all about the surprises. What’s around the corner, where can I find delight and joy and the next breathtaking vista? If you’ve ever driven out West, the terrain and the scenery just keep changing. I felt like I was in different moon scapes, and then coming to forest movie sets. And of course, finding cowboys in their natural habitat is, well, stunning.
  4. I love being outside. Period.
  5. Fun is such a great motivating place for me. I’ll do anything that I think will be fun. And when I am having fun, I keep going. It sounds like a no-brainer, but the thing is, I CREATE the fun.
  6. Less stuff to coordinate, clean, keep track of - the better. I lived out of 2 carry on bags for 1 month. I honestly could have made it even less. The less stuff to worry about, the less stuff to worry about.

Now I’m translating that to working with my family, at home, every day.

Every single one of these things I mentioned is a THOUGHT. They are all thoughts that work for me. Ones that bring me joy and encouragement and motivation.

In coaching, we look at the connection between our thoughts- the story we tell ourselves – which create our motivations - our mojo - our emotions. And then the emotions are the super-fuel for our lives – they lead us to do or NOT do just about anything.

When I look at the thoughts I’ve collected about the past month, I see that I’m focusing on what I DO want. Heck, there’s no reason to focus on what I don’t want.

And I also get a reminder why my kids don’t want to do the same things as me. For them, outside is hot and sticky and miserable. Well, there goes the motivation. (Although I did find that renting an electronic bike was the secret sauce in the mountains. The battery backup made it so we biked over 20 miles over the mountains…. With smiles. It was a sight to see.)

What are the clues you’re collecting about what works for you?

What works for your family?

The clues – are simple sentences (thoughts) that generate all the momentum we need.

What I really did this past month wasn’t take time off, but actually redirect myself to what I love. And when we do that, we find all the energy that we want and need to keep going.

It’s true, slow down, focus on what is working, and throw more love and energy and effort in that direction.


Much love,


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